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Stainless Steel Sheet and Chequered Plate


Size Range
Stainless Steel Plate
12mm ~ 50mm x 1219 ~ 2000mm x 3048 ~ 6096mm
Stainless Steel Hot Rolled
3mm ~ 12mm x 1219 ~ 1524mm x Coil / Sheet
Stainless Steel Coil Rolled
0.3mm ~ 3mm x 914 ~ 1524mm x Coil / Sheet

Surface Status
No. 1
The finish, produced by hot-rolling, annealing and pickling, is characterized by its white pickled surface. Sheets and plates with this finish are generally used in industrial applications.
Industrial tanks, Chemical industry equipment.
No. 2D
A dull cold rolled finish produced by cold rolling annealing and pickling. Sheets with this finish possess excellent drawability in addition to a dense surface.
General uses for deep drawing.
No. 2B
This finish is produced by final light cold-rolling (skin pass line), consequently it has a brighter surface and it is slightly harder than No.2 finish.
General application.
No. 3
An intermediate polished finish (100-120 mesh), used where a surface is required for post-production treatment.
Kitchen ware, Interior-Exterior decoration for building.
No. 4
The most popular of all polished finishes. Produced with abrasives of approximately 150-180 mesh in its final stage. This finish is widely used where ease in cleaning, an attractive appearance and high corrosion resistance are required.
Food-processing facilities, Bath-tub.
No. 8
The finish is produced with abrasives of over 800 mesh.
Reflector, Mirror, Interior-Exterior decoration for building.
(Bright Annealed)
This finish retains the luster produced by cold-rolling and annealing in a non-oxidizing atmosphere.
Used in an excellent finish is required like automobile trim and reflectors, architectural purposes.
(Hair Line)
This finish is obtained by continuous linear polishing. It produces a soft finish which is effective in dissipating glare.
Most suitable for architectural purpose, vehicles, show cases, etc.
This finish is produced by metal brush
Lift / Building Panel
This finish is produced by Chemical Etching to various patterns
Lift / Building Panel